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Full text of "Paintings by Charles Child: March 3 to March 31, 1935."

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March 3 to March 31, 1935 




the few painters in America who has liberated 
himself completely from the fashions and 
conventions of the present day. His painting 
is stamped with an exquisiteness, and a desire 
for beauty of form and spirit that one cannot 
find among the abstract exercises of the co- 
gnoscenti or in the platitudes of the left wing 
sociologists. Ten years ago, after a brief career 
at Harvard, Charles Child set out upon a 
lonely path of investigation. From his studies 
with artists in China, in India, and in Europe 
he has developed an insatiable appetite for 
new media and interesting techniques. But, 
since he has refused to exhibit and, therefore, 
is not as yet one of the "white haired boys" 
of the American scene, he has preserved an 
artistic integrity that, although wholly of to- 
day and of these shores, belongs to a very 
ancient tradition. In bringing him to the 
public attention at this time the Museum is 
looking forward to a day when painting may 
be enjoyed and bought for its own sake rather 
than for its values as political or intellectual 


1 \i TUMN, overmantel 

Lent by Mrs. O^Donnel Iselin 

2 SPRING, overmantel 

Lent by Mrs. O'Donncl Iselin 

3 Pheasants, overmantel 

l.eixt bv Miss Nancy Betts 

1 Moon \m» Wave, decorative panel 
Lent by Miss Eleanor Fiske 

5 Baby Pelicans, decorative panel 

Lent by \ icholas Roerich 

6 Hindoo Girls, decorative panel 

Lent by Mrs. Charles B. Morton 

7 Hindoo Girl, decorative panel 

8 Jay in the Garden, decorative panel 

Lent by Mrs. Pierpont Hazard 

9 Baby in the Garden, decorative panel 

10 Wild Grapes, decorative panel 

11 Red Lilies, decorative panel 

12 Red Lilies, decorative panel 

13 Elephant Power, decorative panel 

14 Amber Palace, decorative panel 

15 Benares, decorative panel 

16 Waterfall in Brook, decorative panel 

17 Balinese Girls, tempera panel 

18 Erica, tempera panel 

19 Monastery of Saint Sergius, panel 

20 City of Udaipur, screen 

Lent by Charles J. Connick 

21 Willow and Water, screen 

22 CROWS IN the Corn, screen 

23 Beckoning Forest, screen 

24 Dogs in Snow, screen 

25 Playing Puppies, screen 

26 Balinese Girl, stylized portrait 

Lent bx Mrs. O'Donnel Iselin 

21 Richard Myers, portrait 

Lent by Mrs. Henriette Noyes 

28 Thomas L. Daniels, portrait 

Lent by Mrs. Thomas L. Daniels 

29 The Daniels Children, portrait 

Lent by Mrs. Thomas L. Daniels 

30 Guilford Pemberton, portrait 

Lent by Mrs. Guilford Pemberton 

31 Boy, portrait 

32 Rosemary Benet, portrait 

Lent by Stephen I . Benet 

33 John Folinsbee, portrait 

Lent by Mrs. John Folinsbee 

3 1 Beth, portrait 

35 Siberi \k, portrait 

3f> Blossom Boy, portrait 

Lent by Mrs. Pierpont Hazard 

37 B. F., portrait 

38 Fletcher Steele, portrait 

39 Paul Child, portrait 

V) Pennsylvania Hills, landscape 
Lent by Mrs. P. Fiske 

41 Trees in Flame, landscape 

t2 > ANCTZE Junk, landscape 

13 Balinese Rice Fields, landscape 

44 Pittsburgh Landscape 

15 Horses, fresco 

t6 Flower Study, water color 
Lent by Stephen \ . Benet 

47 Flower Arrangement, panel 

Lent hv Dr. Howard Hieks 

48 Sampan 

Group of Advertising Material for The Bethle- 
hem Steel Company and the Pacific Coast Steel 

Illustrations for the "Arabian Nights" and for "A 
Book of Americans" by Rosemary and Stephen 
Vincent Benet, published by Farrar and Rinehart. 

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